Supplies needed:

1" to 1-¼ " dowels (or small tree limbs) cut 4" to 4-½" long.  Makes about 3 to 4 flowers.

Permanent markers.  Sharp skew chisel.

Spray Poly, 5 minute epoxy, and ⅜" spindle gouge.

Dand-o-Line Wire (from Ace).  Thin parting tool or hacksaw.

Floral stem wrapping tape (Hobby Lobby).  Artificial leaves (Hobby Lobby)

5/32" drill bit.

Step 1. On You Tube, watch "Turning Wooden Flowers on a Lathe" by Stuart King or "Flowers for Mother’s Day" by Tiny Trailer Workshop.

Step 2. Using a dowel cut to 4" to 4-½", true up so the flowers do not come out lopsided, and turn.  On the tip end of the flower bud, do not part off to a point, but leave a ¼" to ⅜" square end to drill the 5/32" hole for flower stem.  Choose your colors and color the petals and bud end.  When coloring the flower bud, start near the back side of first row of petals and turn lathe by hand so you can get underneath the petals without damaging them.  Part off with your thin parting tool or hack saw.

Step 3. Drill 5/32" hole ¼" to ⅜" deep in center of bud end for the stem (wire).  Be sure to color bare end of bud before Poly spray.  Check back side of first row of petals and touch up with color if needed.

Step 4. I use Min-Wax water base clear gloss Polyacrylic spray to apply about three coats of finish.  This "pops" the colors and toughens up the petals so they are not quite as fragile.

Step 5. Cut wire to desired length for flower stems.  Alternatively, you can use green sticks from Hobby Lobby as the stem.  My vase openings are about 3-½" deep, so I cut my wires 5" to 7" long.  This puts the flowers 2" to 3" above the top of the vase.  I cut them different lengths so this layers them in the vase.

Step 6. Make a small puddle of epoxy to dip the tip of the wire or wooden stem in and insert wire or stick into drilled hole in bud end of flower.  Do not worry if some of the expoxy pools around the wire.  This kind of rounds the end of the bud. Let set until fully cured.

Step 7. Cut off about 10" to 12" of stem wrapping tape and wrap the stem, adding in the leaves approximately 1" below flower.

Step 8. Tape will leave your hands sticky, so use a PVC tube or something of similar size as the bud vase opening to bend stems and arrange flowers.  When you get the arrangement you like, use wrapping tape around all stems to hold arrangement together and place in bud vase….Done!